Lease Administration

Your trusted advisor

When the pressures of lease administrative duties becomes overwhelming, the PRA team is your solution.

  • Stay focused on your business
  • We can handle your lease renewals, discrepancies or questions in your lease
  • We work exclusively for you

There are often places in a lease that are overlooked or misunderstood. We are committed to making certain that increased rent execution is handled accurately and fairly.

reading contract

Working with Mike and his team means we can look to the future and know we're being well cared for in our building needs and spaces.

~Gabriel Zmira

I know that day or night the needs of the properties PRA oversees are being handled with care.

~Todd W.

PRA helped us find the ideal location for our new business venture. Not only did they scout the best spot, but the buildout is beyond our expectations.

~Adara Monrova
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