Building Ownership Made Easy

Owning a building is momentous and attention is needed in every corner, for every renter and in every capacity. PRA offers asset services to offset the pressures of building ownership.

If you own a building or a group of buildings, asset services becomes an even more critical form of management.

PRA has a platform where building owners can be assured the following will be handled professionally:

  • Mail service routed and organized
  • Monthly checks mailed to owners or hand-delivered
  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounting
  • CAM Audit
  • Bill pay
  • Mortgages
  • Taxes
  • Rent
  • Construction
  • 612-353-3331

PRA Mission
Principled Real Estate Advisors is a boutique property management, sales and leasing company with a culture of self-driven leaders dedicated to strong relationships built through integrity, follow-through and knowledge. We are committed to delivering win-win real estate solutions for both owners and tenants all while creating a culture of authority and responsibility to make decisions in their best interest.
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