We Release the Pressure.

When the pressures of lease administrative duties becomes overwhelming, the PRA team is your solution.

We comb through leases looking for:

  • errors that we can update and correct
  • necessary line-item updates to ensure accuracy
  • opportunities to recover missed revenue


There are often places in a lease that are overlooked or misunderstood. We are committed to making certain that increased rent execution is handled accurately and fairly.

PRA is often hired to mediate lease disputes since we are adept at knowing where and how to make a judgement on a lease–eliminating the need for an expensive litigation process.

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PRA Mission
Principled Real Estate Advisors is a boutique property management, sales and leasing company with a culture of self-driven leaders dedicated to strong relationships built through integrity, follow-through and knowledge. We are committed to delivering win-win real estate solutions for both owners and tenants all while creating a culture of authority and responsibility to make decisions in their best interest.
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